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Film and TV Post-Production Services Overview

We specialize in nearly every aspect of digital motion picture post-production.  A list of the available services is below.


Production workflow planning  •  Post-Production Consulting
SD to HD Conversion  •  Frame Rate Conversion  • Restoration
Color Correction & Grading  •  Stabilization •  Reframing
Noise and Grain Management •  Title Design  •  Supers
Motion Graphics  •  Animation  •  Moves-On-Stills  •  VFX
HDCAM's for TV or Distribution  • DCP for Cinema  •  Blu-Ray for Festivals 
Disc Authoring  •   Subtitles  •  Web Captioning  •  Quality Assurance




Every project starts with a good gameplan.  We'll want to know where your film is headed (TV, film festivals, etc.) and fun details about every item in your timeline. Then, ideally we'll work with you to create a workflow and a calendar that will be our map to success. Consulting for production workflow and digital media is available as a separate service.


Documentaries with archival footage especially benefit from our Conform process.  Rather than simply "up-res" footage, Modulus takes an artisanal approach to conversion that may take a little longer but yields much better results.  We find the highest quality pathway for each piece of footage in your timeline from the camera (or transfer) originals, to the target HD size and cadence.  Under the right conditions we can make SD look like HD and HD look like 35mm. [ finish posting these examples ]

  • Gorgeous film-like imagery from DLSR footage  [Michael Madsen, Dark Feed, One Cut]
  • Unparalled SD to HD conversions   [Beijing Taxi] 
  • Match AVCHD to Red 4k  [Bostonia clip]
  • Restore archival footage for an HD timeline   [Taft or Rarebit Fiend]


Modulus operates two DavinciTM 32-bit color workstations that allow primary and secondary color adjustments, instant stabilization, automatic tracking with Power WindowsTM and reframing at up to 4K resolution. In a typical session at Modulus an experienced colorist will give your film a comprehensive, shot-by-shot treatment to all important color elements.  Read more about Color Correction and Color Grading here.

Color example stills    •   Color example video   •   Color Correction page

Finishing Options

There are a number of design and animation services available. Some of these should be contracted during the editing process. 

Title Design – Opening titles, main title, intertitles, lower thirds, subtitles, end cards and end scroll.  Modulus has a decade of experience designing text for screens large and small.  Styles and pricing can range from no-frills (white text on black) to elaborate story-boarded openings or end credits.  [See Title Design examples here]

Moves-On-Stills, Motion Graphics (Animation) – Modulus can provide Moves-On-Stills for documentaries or Motion Graphics for illustrations and DVD menus.  [see examples ]  

Visual Effects or VFX – Are quoted individually and can be simple or elaborate. Simple VFX might be replacements, removals or green screen compositing.  Elaborate VFX can include compositing in characters, explosions, muzzle flashes, even decapitations as needed.  Elaborate effects often require consulting during pre-production.  [ VFX examples here ] 


A DI or Master HD File is used to generate other master parts distribution, broadcast and archival purposes.  We can keep a copy of your master file, so if you are on the run, an extra HDCAM or DCP is only a phone call away.   If your film is headed to a network or distribution, you'll need to deliver solid masters that comply to industry spec.  Modulus has an in-house Quality Assurance department that proofs all masters before shipping.  We stand behind the quality of each master. 

Typical masters for Broadcast and Distribution include:
  • HDCAM(SR) Tape Masters for Sundance, PBS, cable TV, or distributors
  • Digibeta Tape Master in either Anamorphic or Pan & Scan
  • DCP for theatrical screening / film festivals
  • Blu-Ray for film festivals, exhibits or retail
  • DVD for retail sales, screeners
Typical file master exports include:
  • HD Master File – a DI or primary master video
  • HD Textless Master File – for editing a version for TV, foreign, education, or a trailer
  • HD PAL Master File – a 50hz version of the film for foreign sales
  • DPX Master – for 35mm optical print
  • Web Streaming Master – for YouTube or Vimeo or laptop playback
Additional Options:
  • Closed Captions – a .SCC made for broadcast
  • Subtitles – in English or other languages for DVD or Blu-Ray
  • Web Captions – for YouTube, etc.
  • Watermarking – for secures screeners 


Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information 



Video Post Workflow Chart



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